Talking Ostrich

This is a demo of quick model making for 3DG8-A8. (It's so 15 years ago, but I'm havin' fun!)

1) Make a model in Takeo Igarashi's "Smooth Teddy". Save it as a *.wrl (VRML) file.
Smooth Teddy*tool links below.

2) Convert it to *.3ds. (I use Accutrans3D) Import into MED.
An Ostrich

3) Get the first frame of a skeleton (I'm using Forgol guard), and adjust it to the figure.
Default Bones

4) Attach the figure vertices to the skeleton.
attach vertsVertex Details Page

5) Take the file of all the frames, and adjust to fit the new skeleton. Merge in figure & default frame.
attach frames

6) Talking part: Make a vocal file in Audacity.

7) Download Papagayo, it will produce a *.dat file with timing points and mouth shapes.
papagayo mouths

8) Add ten new skins to your model, with the new mouth shape in each.
ten frames

9) Download the zip to try out your figure.

Download Links

Smooth Teddy: Instructions and Examples:Free
Accutrans3d-Download 30 day free trial here:$20
Audacity: are you kidding me right now?
Papagayo-both versions:Free

MS -- January 02, 2019